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The smallest house in Fürstenwalde


The smallest house in Fürstenwalde is 3,83m wide. It has two stories and is probably older than 1662. This house is one of the rare examples, which survived the Second World War, which resulted in the destruction of 80% of all houses in the historical center. The smallest house is situated in “Tuchmacher Straße”. During the Middle Ages a lot of craftsmen, especially weavers (Tuchmacher) lived and worked here.
The small size of the house shows that the owners of this place could only afford to buy such a small plot.


Übersetzung: Clemens Alexander Grünewald, Josua Eric Lohse, Tim Wenzel, Colin Wichary, Klasse 8 a
Die Übersetzung ist entstanden im Rahmen des Projekts "Historic Sights of Fürstenwalde – an Approach to Mediation" im Schuljahr 2018/19 am Katholischen Schulzentrum Bernhardinum.