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Foto: Katja Schreiber

The lighthouse


In 1909 the lighthouse was built by the Julius Pintsch Company in Fürstenwalde. By the end of the 19th century it had become one of the major producers of navigation marks, e. g. for the Suez Canal. The lighthouse was set up in 1910 between the islands Hiddensee and Barhöft in the Baltic Sea and remained there until 1993. In 2005 it was dismantled and stored. But finally it was restored and brought back to Fürstenwalde where it was set up again by volunteers.


Übersetzung: Clemens Alex Grünewald, Josua Eric Lohse, Tim Wenzel, Colin Wichary, Klasse 8 a
Die Übersetzung ist entstanden im Rahmen des Projekts "Historic Sights of Fürstenwalde – an Approach to Mediation" im Schuljahr 2018/19 am Katholischen Schulzentrum Bernhardinum.