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Foto: André Mienert

Fürstenwalde station


Fürstenwalde’s train station is one of the oldest in Germany. It was built in 1842 as part of the line between the city of Berlin and Frankfurt Oder. Since then the building has not changed much. In those days the city and train station used to be much further apart. Around 1870 the city started to build on the empty place of land between the station and city wall. In 1891 a new suburban line between Fürstenwalde and Berlin came into existence. In the next twenty years Erkner, Bad Saarow and Beeskow station were connected to the railway network.
At the end of the 19th century, there used to be a six meter high candelabra (an old type of street light) on the station forecourt. It had to be removed due to growing traffic. Where once hackney coaches were waiting around the station forecourt one can now easily change onto different city and regional bus lines there.
Since the beginning of the 20th century a pedestrian subway connects the northern part of the city with the city center. Businessman Julius Pitsch, whose production facilities were located in the north of Fürstenwalde, built it to reduce the late arrivals of his workers, who had to cross the railway tracks in order to get to their work place. In 2001 a new tunnel was built which can still be seen and used today.


Übersetzung: Jonathan Ilgenstein, Anton Kussatz, Sören Lukat, Ayen Mühlenbrock, Klasse 8 a
Die Übersetzung ist entstanden im Rahmen des Projekts "Historic Sights of Fürstenwalde – an Approach to Mediation" im Schuljahr 2018/19 am Katholischen Schulzentrum Bernhardinum.